What Nonprofits Need to Know About Millennials

From Ian Adair's blog, RE-Fundraising.com:

Generation Y, more commonly known as the Millennial Generation, are called many things; Facebook Generation, 9/11 Generation, and the Tech Generation, because of the global events and innovative times they are living through.  Whatever you call them the demographic power of this generation is far greater than many realize because of its overpowering size.  For the sake of argument lets say you are part of Generation Y if you were born between the years 1982-2005.  Generation Y (more than 100 million strong) by the numbers is 30% larger than the Baby Boomers and three times the size of Generation X.  With an overwhelming amount of millennials entering the workforce, or preparing to, nonprofits need to be ready to recruit and transition them to fill the needed positions of the over 1 million philanthropic organizations in our country today.

The leadership make-up of many nonprofits across the country is currently dominated by baby boomers (who by most accounts became eligible for retirement this year).  Compared to boomers; millennials are better educated, have more self-esteem, are more demanding, light years ahead understanding technology, and are more empowered to win at the game of life so to speak.  With such a small number of Gen Xers pursuing employment with nonprofit organizations, millennials are quickly becoming the next wave of philanthropic leaders.

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