Museum Education Act


Sample letter in Support of

Senate Bill 1676 (Little)/ Assembly Bill 3892 (Titone)

The Museum Education Act

Museum Education Act Sample Letter of Support

Please send on your letterhead.


Dear Assembly member or State Senator,

I am writing to ask you to co-sponsor the Museum Education Act (MEA) Senate Bill 1676/Assembly Bill 3892.

New York State is home to almost 2,000 museums, historical societies, zoos, botanical gardens, and

aquariums that are among the leading cultural institutions in the world. Millions of our state’s school

students and their teachers use these museum resources on a daily basis. These statewide cultural assets

attract visitors from around the world; the economic impact is well into the billions of dollars.

Programs eligible for funding scaled by institutional budget size include: student transportation; curricula;

staff professional development; educational technology; exhibitions; public programming; and continuing

education programs.

The Museum Education Act will establish a competitive grant program administered by the State Education

Department and advanced by the New York State Board of Regents as a 2017 legislative priority. It will

provide funding to help student and adult learners succeed in the 21st century while making New York’s

Museums more competitive in the global economy.

Museums and other cultural arts institutions chartered by the Board of Regents and having collections will be

able to access competitive grant funding to conduct educational programs that meet New York State

curriculum standards for students and teachers in grades pre-k through 12 and adults enrolled in continuing

education programs.

At the Museum of All Good Things located in your district, we provide engaging, educational programs that

meet English Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Technology, and Science standards as well as all of the

National Arts Standards. More than 6,000 students and their 250 teachers participate in programs at the

Museum of All Good Things each year from the Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta school

districts. Families in your district take advantage of our family member discounts to participate in weekend

programs free of charge that allow them to experience informal, multi-generational, hands-on learning.

We are also pleased to partner with SUNY St. Regis to offer continuing education programs and to partner

with our local libraries to support adults learning English as a new language.

The MEA will support all of these programs and more. Please consider signing on to this important legislation

that will make a tremendous difference to the people you represent.


Alice M. Wright

Executive Director, The Museum of All Good Things

 If you do not know who your Senator or Assemblymember is, please visit the website here.

Please remember, we need your help to advocate for this important piece of legislation. Please contact your local Assemblymember and Senator and ask that they co-sponsor Senate Bill 1676/Assembly Bill 3892. The more co-sponsors we have, the better!


sample letter as pdf: mea_suport_memo_41717.pdf



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