Updated SFY14-15 Budget Chart

Mar 28, 2014
Throughout the budget process we have been keeping a close eye on those programs that impact New York's museums, here is an updated chart which compares the enacted SFY14-15 budget with the Governor's proposal which includes the Assembly and Senate Resolutions. many_2014-15_budget_chart.doc

Common Core Implementation Panel

Mar 11, 2014
The Common Core Implementation Panel has submitted its initial recomendations to Governor Andrew Cuomo. The panel has submitted their recomendations on the following issues:

Museums as Schools

Feb 19, 2014
Two articles caught my eye this week both address clever initiatives which position their respective museums as schools. I firmly believe that museums are inherently well suited to enhance, expand and yes enliven 'formal' education; productively advancing opportunities for STEM (read:STEAM) learning. These two examples take the vision one step further using the museum's collection; pedagogy and campus as the formal classroom.

STEAMy reading for a snowy day

Feb 13, 2014
I came across this article while perusing the CFM's Dispatches from the Future of Museums eblast. As we draw together the final preparations for this year's Museums in Action Conference, this reading is a useful resource to familiarize yourself with STEM; recognize the instrinsic value that art and humanities in STEAM education; and begin identifying ways in which your museum is (or could) foster STEM learning.

Museum-Library Pass Program

Feb 03, 2014
Survey Results Many public libraries now offer their patrons free or reduced admissions to local cultural centers such as museums. Museums and heritage organizations sell or donate admission passes to libraries, and the libraries loan the passes out to the public.

Governor's Executive Budget Status Quo for NYSCA boost for EPF/ZBGA

Jan 29, 2014
NYSCA’s funding for local assistance stays at last year’s level, $35,635,000, in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed 2014-15 budget. In his State of the State speech, the Governor mentioned the Path Through History II and a Tourism Summit II. The Executive Budget includes no separate funding for these initiatives.

Governor Cuomo Signs Nonprofit Revitalization Act

Dec 23, 2013
On December 18, 2013 Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Nonprofit Revitalization Act into law. Designed to comprehensively update the New York Not-for-Profit Corporation Law and enhance nonprofit governance and oversight; the Act may result in many non-profits needing to adjust (and adopt new) governance documents for their organization to ensure compliance. MANY will continue to drill down what this means for New York's museums and heritage organizations.

2013 REDC Awards

Dec 13, 2013
On Wednesday Governor Cuomo Announced $715.9 Million in Economic Development Funding Through Third Round of Regional Economic Development Council Awards

Articulating Value - Year-end Giving Campaigns

Dec 11, 2013
'Tis the season for Year-end Giving Campaigns - Like many of you the Museum Association of New York's Annual Appeal is in full swing. Each campaign seeks to inspire, empower, (perhaps implore) our members, friends and stakeholders to demonstrate their support for the work that we do in serving our missions.

Articulating Value - The Educational Value of Field Trips

Dec 03, 2013
Continuing on our theme of articulating value, I wanted to share this article from EducationNext which reports upon a first of its kind study of how field trips to art museums affect students. Educational Value of Field Trips was originally posted on September 16, 2013 on EducationNext website http://educationnext.org/the-educational-value-of-field-trips.