Unwind and Dine with MANY at MIC Conference

Jan 27, 2012
We've got a special evening convo for Museums in Conversation conference-goers!  Unwind and Dine with MANY after the networking reception Monday night (April 23) at the Midtown Tap & Tearoom, a favorite local bistro around the corner from Opalka Gallery. Join us as we wind down a busy conference day with friends, new and old alike, over a relaxed dinner buffet of pan-European cuisine.  First drink is on us! Pre-Registration is required, cost for dinner is $45.  All proceeds benefit the Museum Association of New York.

Consolidation Update

Jan 27, 2012
Capitalizing on the new year's energy and optimism, MANY and Museumwise dove straight into pursuing our dual agendas of fostering each organization's ongoing slate of programs and services and making consolidation a reality.

Annual Appeal Update

Jan 26, 2012
We are pleased that 31 donors, several of them member institutions, responded so generously to the 2011 Annual Appeal. This group got us to just beyond our budgeted goal of $3500, and for that we are very grateful. MANY President John Haworth has asked us to stretch our goal by $500 to bring the total to $4000. Can we do it? With YOUR help we can and we will!! Please consider a first-time or additional gift to the 2011 Annual Appeal and make your contribution online via this link:

2011 Annual Appeal: We Are All Made of Stars

Dec 08, 2011
This year's Annual Appeal comes on the heels of our latest white paper about the value of museums, which we published in collaboration with Museumwise.  With so many museums and heritage organizations searching for ways to solidify their value to their communities, it's appropriate to take a moment to reflect on MANY's value to the field.

The Challenge of “Value” - Engaging Communities in Why Museums Exist

Nov 21, 2011

2012 Statewide Conference Taking Shape: April 22-24, Albany

Nov 20, 2011
How Do We (Re)Vision our Museums? Museums are institutions steeped in tradition but surrounded by constant change.  Not everyone knows what a museum is anymore, but some certainly think that whatever it is, it’s not for them.

Shop Amazon, Earn Money for MANY

Nov 06, 2011
MANY is an Amazon Associate, so when you make a purchase through the Amazon icon to the right of this message, you help MANY earn up to 15% of every sale. That includes books, Kindles, music, games and jewelry. Once you click through, you can Bookmark the link or save it in your Favorite Places to make it easy to help support MANY's programs and operations whenever you shop.

Young Nonprofit Professional Network Report: Good in Theory, Problems in Practice

Oct 31, 2011
Young Nonprofit Professionals Network recently surveyed over 1,100 emerging nonprofit leaders across the country. Conducted in Spring 2011, YNPN’s National Voice Survey tested several interventions targeting leadership development in the nonprofit sector.  The full report was launched in the Fall of 2011 at Independent Sector’s NGEN conference.

Voluntary Compliance Program Announced by IRS to Address Worker Misclassification

Oct 16, 2011
You may have seen that in late September the IRS announced a voluntary compliance program for employers (including nonprofit employers) to enable those who have mistakenly classified workers as independent contractors to make a correction, along with a modest payment, and avoid the usual penalties of noncompliance. This program’s announcement offers an opportunity to remind nonprofits about the risk of misclassification and share information with them about the voluntary compliance program.

Funding Available for Flood Damaged NYS Museums/Heritage Organizations

Sep 21, 2011
In late August, New York was hit hard by Hurricane Irene and many cultural organizations including libraries, museums, and historical societies sustained major damage. With support from the National Endowment for the Humanities Chairman’s Emergency Fund the New York Council for the Humanities is offering small grants to help these organizations recover.