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Voices and Votes Exhibition Requirements 

Although MANY will continue to raise funds to offset the cost of the exhibition travel, marketing, and public programs, by submitting this application, the museum commits to contributing $4,000 to the project which includes the cost of shipping the exhibition to your site. These funds will not be due until the exhibition is delivered to your site.

Voices and Votes consists of 6 free-standing kiosks. The exhibition is approximately 700 square feet and you will need a minimum ceiling height of 8 feet to install the exhibition. Your space does not need to be climate-controlled, but does need to be clean, cool (below 75 degrees F), and dry with limited direct sunlight.

Voices and Votes packs in 16 crates. The crates are all on wheels, roll easily and they are all designed to fit through a single doorway. When packed, the crates weigh between 150 and 350 pounds. You will need to store the crates while the exhibition is installed. Storage can be either on-site or off and must be approximately 200 square feet, cool, dry, and clean. Crates may be stacked once they are empty.

Size Requirements and Planning

Installation Guide

If you have any questions regarding the above requirements or would like to learn more, please email or call 518-273-3400.

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